Robbie Burrell is the epitome of mixers Dave and I admire.  He cares about the client as…
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Some of the Signed Artists I’ve Mixed: Michael W. Smith, Carrie Underwood…
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I have over 23 years experience mixing, producing and mastering…
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  1. Alternative - Find My Way 3:53
  2. Pop - Blue Eyes 3:31
  3. Alternative - Move On 4:30
  4. Country - World's On Fire 4:22
  5. Country - Hometown Girl 3:29
  6. EDM - Closer To Heaven 3:54
  7. Rock - Because of You 3:14
  8. Adult Contemporary - Live 5:05
  9. Holiday - Carol of The Bells 3:20
  10. Pop - Krutch 3:23
  11. Alternative - Just Wanna 3:38
  12. Country - Don't Take Too Long 3:37
  13. Holiday - O Come O Come Emmanuel 4:02
  14. EDM - Smokin 3:51
  15. Alternative - Come In Close 3:41
  16. Pop - Yes I Know 3:02
  17. Rock - Believe 4:01
  18. Holiday - Silent Night 4:38


FAQ: “What is your price for mixing and mastering?”

A: Your music is ART, not just “a mix”!! The bottom line is, if I like your music, I want to be a part of it. If we agree that it’s a good fit, I have different pricing options to fit almost every budget.

Here’s how I look at it. You aren’t actually paying for a “mix”. You’re paying for my opinion, 24 years of experience, and the time I use to bring you the best possible end result.


FAQ: “What IS mastering, anyway?”
I love the mastering process!! Mastering does NOT just mean “making it loud”! That may be one component, but the crucial thing about mastering is to ensure translation to everything from a $100,000 audiophile rig to the iPhone speaker to Youtube and more.

When dealing with an album, the flow from song to song is as much an art as the music itself. After we have spent so much time on getting the mixes perfect, let’s make sure that mastering gives it that extra magic without undoing our great work!


Here is the Rate Card of services to fit the widest range of budgets and needs:

All Mix options include Studio and Assistant Engineer fees and Master, TV, INST, VOX Only final versions.

Label Mix – starting at $1500 per song
Label Mastering – starting at $175 per song


Single Mix and Master with 2 rounds of recalls – $675

Single Mix and Master with 4 rounds of recalls – $850

Single Mix and Master with 6 rounds of recalls – $1000

Discount available for EP’s and Full Albums – Contact for pricing

Additional recalls at $150 each

Mastering Only, no recalls – $75 per song
Mastering Only, 1 recall – $125 per song


Can’t afford a mix engineer? Let’s work on raising your mix quality together as I provide suggestions and tips. Then we’ll finish it off with a killer mastering job!

Mix consult and Mastering – $175 per song
Mix consult and Mastering – $1500 for 10 song album

MixMentor Program:

Need to bring your production, recording, mix or mastering skills to the next level? Learn in the room with me! Bring your own material or I’ll provide. Rates depend on what you need. Time and costs are figured on a case by case basis.

Score Mixing and Recording/Audio Post-Production

For FILM/TV/Game Score recording, mixing and mastering (from stereo to Dolby Atmos), please contact me about the process and pricing.  In addition to score mixing and mastering, I have sound supervised and mixed several documentaries, short films and feature films. Whether the final dub or just score mixing, I’m happy to help!

Let’s talk!  You’ll hear from me or someone on the team ASAP… usually within 24 hours.

Please include as much detail as possible, and an AAC or mp3 sample if you have one.

Thanks for reaching out!

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