Welcome to emotionmix studios!!!  This is my private mix room that allows me to focus and craft the perfect mix and master for YOU!  Comfortable vibe for those long hours, and fully equipped for 5.1 mixng, this is where the magic happens.

Here are some highlights of the facility:

Monitoring: After spending of thousands of hours in some of the best control rooms in the world, I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to get the best and most accurate mix and master translations. The ATC SCM50ASL PRO speakers combined with dual Bag End Infrasubs and an ASC AttackWall leave nothing unnoticed. If it’s there, I can hear it and make the right decisions.

Console: Faders and knobs are where it’s at!! For the ultimate in control and creativity, I love my 40 channel D-Command Console. It allows me to truly PERFORM the mix musically, not an analytical event mousing one parameter at a time.  This helps give your song an emotional journey from start to finish.


I won’t bore you with the full list, but these are the crucial tools I use to make it happen every day:

Avid ICON D-Command 40 channel
Crane Song Avocet
JBL LSR305 (Rear Surround Channels)
Dual Bag End Infrasub Subwoofers to extend down to 8hz!!
JBL LSR6312SP Subwoofer for LFE
Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Headphones
Xilica XD-8080 DSP
ASC AttackWall
Monster Cable AVS2000Pro Voltage Stabilizer
Monster Cable HTPS7000 MKII Balanced Power
Avid HD Native
Apogee Symphony
Mac Pro Trashcan
UAD Octo with the best of the best UAD plugs
Lots of Plugin-Alliance plugs
Lexicon PCM Native Reverbs and Effects
Slate Digital Everything
Slate Trigger 2
SoundToys – Everything
Relab 480
Exponential Audio R2
Izotope RX
IK Multimedia Plugs
GRM Tools Complete
Metric Halo ChannelStrip
FabFilter Pro-L
(2) Herman Miller Aeron and (1) Mirra Chairs

Lots of other fun toys, stomp boxes, mic preamps, microphones, etc.